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Bay X Networks Solutions was founded in 2003. We have always been committed to providing affordable EDI and eCommerce solutions that enhance efficiency for our clients from small companies to large corporations. We are headquartered just north of Houston in The Woodlands, Texas. All our operations are based in the United States. We take pride in providing reliable cloud-based infrastructure with innovative solutions and a live support team for our clients which has led to the success of Bay X Networks. Over the past 20 years and counting, Bay X Networks has continued to support companies around the globe enabling our customers to connect, integrate, automate, and expand their business.


Bay X Networks serves to connect partners with our multichannel solution, provide workflow automation, integration solutions, and business intelligence by maximizing your supply chain management and fulfillment process.

Our team operates with integrity to provide our solutions in a responsive and respectful manner and is committed to providing the utmost support. We provide quality, timely, and accurate EDI and eCommerce solutions. Bay X Networks' dedicated live support is just a phone call away, no automated system or qait queues. 24/7 monitoring ensures our reliable infrastructure is always available to you. We typically act as the EDI department for our customers so that they can better focus on their business.


As our motto states, Bay X Networks can develop EDI solutions for ANY trading partner, with ANY integration, in ANY industry. For over 30 years, Bay X Networks has provided EDI solutions & services for companies around the world.

We provide EDI services for companies in all sectors of the global economy . These industries include retail, grocery, automobile, transportation, defense, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture to name a few. Specifically, in the Defense industry, we provide EDI services with trading partners such as the Army Airforce Exchange, Navy Exchange, and the Defense Logistics Agency. In the grocery industry, we regularly work with Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and many other big-name trading partners.


All of our EDI & software solutions are hosted on a world-class infrastructure (Microsoft Azure) - with 99.9% uptime & high-availability. All of the data that runs through our system is encrypted through SSL & the AS2 protocol. Additionally, our systems are securely located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We also have a comprehensive team that monitors our infrastructure 24/7/365. This team includes a Database Administrator, a Data Protection Engineer, and a Networking expert. Moreover, we have an operations team that monitors every transaction that runs through our system around the clock. Lastly, our platform partners, Microsoft Azure & Connectria Managed Hosting, are SOC 2 certified for their security procedures, processing integrity, data confidentiality, and information privacy.


  • EDI standardizes the information communicated in business documents - improving document accuracy and enabling the paperless exchange.
  • EDI eliminates the expenses of paper, printing, and postage, and manual data entry.
  • EDI expedites your business cycles - enabling you to exchange business documents in minutes instead of the days or weeks of turnaround time via a postal service.
  • EDI empowers real-time visibility into transaction status: promoting quicker decision-making and enhanced responsiveness to customer demands.


We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined.

In a time when the internet has every answer, trust and reliability are what one cannot gain easily. Bay X Networks is one of the best EDI service providers to big and small business firms, making it easy for them to exchange their important information securely.
Some of the reasons why Bay X Networks is different and better than the others:
  • Providing EDI and eCommerce solutions for more than two decades
  • You can get EDI solutions for almost every trading partner.
  • Get services for every sector across the globe.
Right now, Bay X Networks is working with some of the leading business firms like Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, and a lot more. In the future, we would like to continue craving our place in customers’ hearts to gain respect.
Bay X Networks is providing its esteemed customers and end-users with customization options as well. Businessmen from different industries can ask for EDI and eCommerce solutions as per their needs and requirements. And, our team will cater to their needs.